Week of Luck

| August 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

school We got lucky during luck week and had beautiful weather all week.  Also Miss Sharon returned from her summer vacation and we had lucky music time! Followed by a bright and sunny Splash Day. Several friends returned from vacation with stories to tell and our first new classmate joined us for the upcoming school year. We studied luck symbols and traditions from around the world and a few of their origins.  Our students all shared what wish they would put in a red envelope if they were Chinese. We learned that people carried rabbit’s feet to have the luck of rabbits and thought of other animals that might be lucky because they were tricky, fast or strong. A lot of our students think animals are lucky if they hop, so if they ask for a kangaroo’s foot you know why.  We made hand print khamsas and decorated them.  The one in the picture has lucky numbers like a fortune cookie.

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