Week Six: Sensorial Works

| October 3, 2015 | 0 Comments

ameliagrading So much rain this week! With the decrease in outdoor time, we spend every morning in movement activities and of course, we enjoy our Friday dance party.  Some days we were able to make it out in the afternoon, we also had a birthday party and music time. We stayed plenty busy and active in spite of the weather, but we also had extra long work cycles, which will be the pattern when winter weather arrives.

Along with the knobless cylinders and knobbed cylinders, we introduced two new sensorial works that work with texture this week.  Our fabric box presents matching squares of fabric in a variety of textures, colors and sizes. Children can match, sort, sequence or experiment with depth by layering the fabrics. The grading tablets are graded from smooth to rough.  They can also be sequenced or matched.

In art, we are also working with texture as we did last week.  This week we made an autumn forest combining drawing and sponging.  We learned about mixing colors from light to dark working with yellow, red and brown. At this point, our students have a clear sense that yellow and red will make orange.  We learned how to leave yellow parts yellow if we wished.


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