Week Three: Sorting

| September 22, 2015 | 0 Comments

photo-1 (2) Three sorting works joined our Montessori practical life works this week.  Practically, we want our children to be pleasant dinner table companions and handle spoons with ease and accuracy, but we also want them to build hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills for a variety of other reasons.  Sorting works also help children think about portions and build the foundation for thinking about fractions.  To keep our sorting works interesting we use as many different and visually stimulating materials as possible, a variety of different sizes and types of spoons and attractive containers that are also breakable.

We continued our morning math routine and our after lunch story time. We’re still thriving on the warm weather and sunny days.  Learning to write our names is the new obsession of many students, while others still want to make the perfect paper airplane.

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