Week Two Begins with One

| September 9, 2015 | 0 Comments

mariaschool On September 1st we learned all about the number 1 and began our tens-based math. Every morning at calendar time we do a short group activity in tens based math which is also taught in the local school district. We also trace the numbers with our Montessori sandpaper numbers, one of our regular works.  Throughout the year we’ll be charting the weather and we began our weather tally this week.

During craft time we worked with the Montessori metal inserts and practiced our scissor skills. This was our first chance to see how accomplished our students’ cutting skills are and introduce scissor safety. So many basic lessons in the first weeks of school, but really we’ve taken off learning the names of our two dimensional shapes and we’ll move toward three dimensional shapes as the year progresses.  Metal inserts and pin punching shapes are two “pre-writing” skills that we’ve started as part of this week’s lessons.

Beginnings are so exciting and we’re enjoying playground time, story time and music time.


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