Weekly Lesson Plan for CH#1 (February 17 – February 21)

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This week we worked with alphabet “o” along with its phonic sound. Our children traced the alphabet on the sand paper letter. Blog picture 1

They learned some words like octopus, octagon, oval, orange, oil, as there words start with the letter “o”. They learned how many tentacles an octopus has and how many sides an octagon has. They also learned that we use octagon symbol for a stop sign. This week our kids learned about the orange color and the number “8”. Our kids also colored a picture of an octopus and an oval. We were very impressed with their coloring skills. Children House#1 kids glued macaroni on the alphabet “o” and they were really good at it.

Birthday hug

Birthday hug!!!

We celebrated Shane’s, Kennedy’s and Henry’s birthday this week. We had lots of cupcake and cookies  from Shane and Kennedy, and home-made cake from Henry.

Happy Birthday Henry!

Happy Birthday Henry!!!

Next week we’ll be working with alphabet “p” and parrot making.

Our goal: This week our goal was to improve their eye-hand coordination skill through our art project.

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