Weekly lesson plan for children house#1 ( 05/13 – 05/17)

| May 12, 2013

We are almost at the end of this school year. This week our kids will learn the letter ‘z’. They will trace this letter on sand paper letter and of course will learn the phonic sound of it. Our children will learn the words like zebra, zoo, zip, zoom as these words start with letter ‘z’. They will color the picture of a zebra and will learn some important facts about it. We will also have practical life activity “zip up the lunch bag”. We will also have special kind of activity with zip lock bag. So please send one medium sized zip-lock bag on Tuesday.

Our goal: Our goal is to improve their fine motor and sensorimotor skill . They will improve their sensorimotor skill while working with zip-lock bag activity.

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Category: Transition

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