Weekly lesson plan for children house#1 (07/29 – 08/02)

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Last week we had lot of fun by learning about  animals that stay under the sea. This week our theme is “Frozen fun”. Our children will do nice craft work with cotton balls. We will have nice science activity with ice. We will add a few drops of different paint to each cube before freezing, and then we will put two  or three different colored cubes together in a plastic bag. While keeping those cubes in the bag they will feel that how cold these are and how slippery these are. As the ice melts,  the children can see how each color combination looks together. And of course we will have ice- cream party. So please let us know if your child has any kind of allergy.

Our goal: Our goal is to improve their sensorimotor skill and to make them learn how to get a different color by mixing two different colors.

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