Weekly lesson plan for children#1 ( 02/25 – 03/01)

| February 24, 2013

This week we will be working with the number 8. Children will trace the number 8 on sand. We will have practical life activity “necklace making”. Our kids will count 8 cereal and then they will make the necklace by using those. We will teach some important facts about spider and octopus as both of them have 8 legs. Our children will be introduced with “pizza puzzle”.  We will set out the eight slices and have our children take turns putting them together to make a whole pizza. We will also make an eight sided stop sign to use in our classroom  for different games.

Our goal is to develop their fine motor skill and eye-hand coordination skill. Our students will improve their body control while working with the practical life activity.

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Category: Transition

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