Weekly lesson plan for children’s house #1 (04/08 – 04/12)

| April 8, 2013

This week will be working with letter ‘U’ and its phonic sound. We will also ask them to trace the letter ‘u’ on sand paper letter. They will learn some words like umbrella, under, uncle, uncap as these words start with letter ‘u’. Our children will be making nice umbrellas this week and they will also learn when and why we should use the umbrella. They will be working with some ‘u’ movements like put your finger ‘under ‘ foot and put your head ‘under’ your arms. We will also learn u-hokey pokey song. This week we will have practical life activity ‘using clothes pins’.

Our goals: This week our goal is to improve their eye hand coordination skill while working with practical life activity.


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Category: Transition

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