Weekly lesson plan for children’s house #1 ( 09/30 – 10/4)

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This week we will be working with the alphabet  ‘c’. Children will trace this alphabet on sand paper letter and they will also learn the phonic sound of it. We will learn many words like carrot, car, caterpillar, cow, candy, camera, cauliflower as these words start with the letter ‘c’. Our kids will have so many coloring pages related to this letter. They will be introduced to the shape ‘triangle’ in this week and they will use this shape for making nice carrot. They will also learn the color orange this week as the color of a carrot is orange. We will read “The very hungry Caterpillar” book this week. And we will also have a practical life activity  ” cheese sandwich making” on Friday.

Our goal: Our goal is to make them confident for making their own breakfast. They will also improve their fine motor skill while tracing the letter ‘c’.

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