Weekly lesson plan for children’s house #1(02/18 to 02/22)

| February 18, 2013

This week we will be working with letter “q”. Our children will learn some words like ‘quail’, ‘quarter’, ‘queen’, ‘quiet’ as these words start with letter q.  We will organize “quarter rubbing” activity.We will place a quarter under a piece of paper and ask the children to rub the edge of a crayon over it . They will end up with the impression of a quarter. We will also arrange a game ” counting quarters”. Children house#1 students will also learn some movements like “wave like a queen”, “quack like a duck”. We will also be working with how to be quiet in our transition classroom.

This week our goal is to help them practice their eye-hand coordination skill and to improve their fine motor skill while taking the impression of a quarter.

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Category: Transition

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