Weekly lesson plan for children’s house#1 (3/18 – 3/22)

| March 17, 2013

Last week was really exciting. Our little friends colored the picture of clover and they were also looking for clover during our outdoor activity time. They were over excited when they found it.

This week we will be working with letter ‘t’. Children will trace the letter ‘t’ on sand paper letter and will also learn the phonic sound of ‘t’. They will also improve their vocabulary by learning some words like telephone, tree, tiger, tadpole, turtle etc. as these words start with letter ‘t’. They will be making tree with their hand print. They will be learning some scientific facts about tree. We will have practical life activity “transfer liquid from one container to another”.

This week our goal is to improve their fine motor skill and eye-hand co ordination skill.

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Category: Transition

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