weekly lesson plan for children’s house#1(04/15 – 04/19)

| April 14, 2013

This week we will be working with the letter ‘v’.Children house#1 kids will trace this letter on sand paper letter and also learn the phonic sound of it. They will learn some words like vulture, volcano, vegetables,vat as these words start with the letter ‘v’. They will also color the picture of ‘vulture’ and learn some important facts about it (It is a large bird that has dark feathers and bald head and neck. These birds are related to hawks and feed mostly on dead animals). We will also make ‘vegetable basket’ for our classroom. We will give our kids some items which include some fruits and vegetables.and ask them to pick only the vegetables for the basket.

Our goal: our goal is to improve their fine motor skill while working with the sand paper letter and coloring paper.

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Category: Transition

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