Z Week and Earth Day

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worldThis week we reached the end of  the alphabet with the letter Z.  We practiced writing with the sand tray and Montessori sandpaper letters, learned Z words and read Dr. Seuss’ classic Put Me In the Zoo.  Our science word was zoology. As we learned about everything from giraffes to piranhas, we  used all the terms from our expanded science vocabulary; to name just a few, camouflage, habitat and mammal.  We also talked about conservation and endangered species.  Wednesday was Earth Day.  We made a collage of the planet with hand prints and a list of things we can do to  have  healthier  habitats.  Miss Sharon visited in the morning and introduced the concept of “medley” and a selection of earth themed songs.  The students also practiced holding and strumming a guitar.  Fun Friday we danced and made paintings with paper towel stampers.  Stamping soon painting and the students became excited at the way the colors combined.  We enjoyed the dry days this week and went outside every single day.

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